Amended: September 28th, 2011

Project Name:

Augmented eBay

Project Manager(s)

Karan Bhandari

Project Definition

This web/mobile application will enable eBay sellers to list items with rich text pictures, videos and files for free.

Project Scope

- Two applications 
    - Augmented eBay 
    - Augmented eBay Pro
        - Access to device I/O and file manager

Project Goals

Stepping stone towards Innovation Challenge and eventually own company.

Project Dependencies

Sencha, ASP.NET, PhoneGap, C#.NET 4.0 and server (

Project Team

Karan Bhandari, Varun Chopra, Matt and seek one more member.

Project Stakeholders

- One mentor chosen by the board of College of Engineering Innovation challenge committee. 
-  Ebay

Project Phases

- Acceptance into eBay developer’s program. 
- Construction of Application. 
- Scrutiny by eBay 
- Deploy to mobile marketplace

Project Timeline

By the end of the semester

Project Challenges

Once the application is constructed, it has to pass the eBay screening program.

Project Finances


Project Estimated Completion Time

~100 hours.

Project Status

Draft We have server space in, we are accepted into eBay developer’s program, commenced application construction.

Project Contact(s)

Karan Bhandari, +1 302 438 2953.