## Project Name Boeing-CSULB Partnership

Project Manager

Andrew M. (ACM)

Project Definition

Join forces with EAT and Boeing to work on an open source project that will be integrated into the C-17 systems.

Project Scope

Software engineering used for Boeing's Space, Defense, & Security Division.

Project Goals

Develop an open source project to be used for the C-17; build strong and long-lasting relationships with Boeing; and strengthen our relationship with our computer engineering cousin, EAT.

Project Dependencies

Java (Eclipse), Linux Embedded OS, Teamwork from all three participating organizations.

Project Team

- Boeing and ACM.
- ACM: Richard, Yohei, Lynn, and Alex.

Project Stakeholders

Boeing, CSULB, and the military (Air Force to be accurate).

Project Phases

1. Design the software.
    2. Discuss all functional requirements with Boeing.
    3. Code
    4. Test and Validate
    5. Revise Code
    6. Submit Reports to Boeing
    7. Test and Validate
    8. Discuss Current Functionality with Boeing
    9. Test and Validate

Project Time Line

  • Project Introduction
    • Complete
    • Software Design
    • In Progress
    • Coding
    • Incomplete

Project Challenges

Time management, software debugging, code reviews, complex designing problems.