# Game Testing Workshop Project Charter

Project Name

Game Testing Workshop

Project Manager

Salvador Llamas Jr and Andrew Meredith

Project Definition

Testing an App for Milk Mug Publishing.

Project Scope

Spending one week testing an App in the ACM Office.

Project Goals

To test the App so it’s ready for the AppStore and give participants a resume bullet to help get them into the game industry.

Project Dependencies

1. Use of the ACM Office.
2. People with iOS devices.

Project Team

- Salvador Llamas Jr
- Andrew Meredith
- Frank Lima
- Joshua Liong
- Edgar H. Ortiz

Project Stakeholders

- Milk Mug Publishing

Project Phases

Test the App. Document Participation to make sure participants receive credit.

Project Timeline

- March 28th 2011 – April 1st:  Test the App
- April 3rd: Submit Names to Milk Mug Publishing.

Project Challenges

Finding People who can bring their own iOS devices.