# ACM-CSULB Project Charter Amended 9-8-2011 1:01 PM

Project Name

“Links For Good” Website Project

Project Managers

Ariana Aguirre and Chimezie Epoh

Project Definition

Actualize the original ACM “Helping Hands” project proposal for ImagineCup 2010.

Project Scope

IT Web Services for the community

Project Goals

Design a functional website that implements the Helping Hands project ideas as specified in the ImagineCup proposal.

Project Dependencies

1. Design a website
2. Implement a user profile management system
3. Implement all necessary features and services for different entities (e.g. Church, Food Bank, Homeless Shelter)

Project Team

Ariana Aguirre, George Lopez, Chimezie Epoh, Jose Herrera, Ben Chang, Shawn Bandy, Jonathan Zarco, David Nuon

Project Stakeholders

ACM - CSULB Chapter, CSULB College of Engineering, Homeless Shelters, Food Banks, Churches.

Project Phases and Timeline

1. Communication – September 30, 2010
2. Planning – October 31, 2010
3. Modeling – December 12, 2010
4. Construction/Testing – October 31, 2011
5. Deployment – December 9, 2011

Project Challenges

1. Having the required skills and motivation. 
2. Effective communication between team members. 
3. Accomplishing task set in a timely manner.
4. Interest and participation of entities.