## Project Name:
Computer Game Modding Demo

Project Manager:

Derrik Bulmer II

Project Definition:

To demonstrate how user-created content can be implemented in a computer game.

This is not a hack, exploit, or a plagiarism, and is therefore solely limited to user-created content that can be implemented legally, and only in a legally purchased copy of a computer game. No modifications to propriety software or hardware will be made, and no demonstrations of such will be attempted in this project. The demonstrations will only pertain to the method of implementing user-created content in a game that the developers allow user-created content to be implemented. The game of choice for the workshop will be “Sid Meier’s Civilization IV” for the game developer officially permits user-created content being implemented in all their “Civilization” franchise games, and the ‘example mod’ will be able to show how extensive in which user-created content can be implemented in computer games besides the one in the demo (see the links under legal statements).

Project Scope:

    - Create an ‘example mod’ by the end of Spring 2011        
    - ‘Modding Workshop’ will be 8 weeks during Fall 2011.
    - ‘Modding Workshop’ will meet once every week for approximately two hours.
    - See Addendum at end of project charter for definitions of ‘example mod’ and ‘Modding Workshop’

Project Goals:

    - Present an ‘example mod’ at during a demonstration to show how effective user-created content can be implemented in a legally purchased copy of a computer game.
    - Have a ‘modding workshop’ which demonstrates how user-created content can be implemented in legally purchased copy of a computer game.

Project Dependencies

    - Project team must have legally purchased copies of the computer game in order to demonstrate anything.
    - Room for workshop, which tutorials and demonstrations can be performed and supervised.
    - Open source user-created content is the only outside sources that can be used for demonstrations.
    - “Sid Meier’s Civilization” franchise is a prime example of a game franchise that permits the implementation of many different types and forms of user-created content in the computer games.

    1. Free and open source SDK for “Civilization IV” was officially released
    2. Official permission from Developer to modify ALL codes and to alter ALL graphics.  The developer gives permission to upload user-created modifications as long as it is for non-profit and the user-created content is not claimed to be property of the one(s) responsible for creating and uploading the user-created content.

Project Team:

    Derrik Bulmer II 
    Craig Thormodsen

Project Stakeholders

    - Project team will learn valuable skills.
    - Workshop participants will learn valuable skills also.
    - Official game producers that officially permit user-created content implementation in their games will benefit from increased interest in their product.  
    - ACM will attract extra student interest in activities related to computer science and give its current members a fun activity.

Project Phases:

    - Phase-One: “Production of ‘example mod’”
            - The project team will create a ‘mod’ with non-copyrighted user-created content and the project manager will prepare tutorials. Project manager will demonstrate to ACM on how other students can have fun creating content for computer games.

    - Phase-Two:  “The ACM ‘”Modding” Workshop”’
            - The project manager will prepare tutorials and demonstrations on how to add user-created content to a computer game in a group activity setting.  Project team will attend workshops to assist in demonstrations.

Project Timeline

    - Phase-One should be finished by May 13th (one week before finals).
    - Phase-Two can resume the following semester, sometime after the Week of Welcome.  Workshops are to be scheduled around that time.  

Project Challenges

    Preparing tutorials and demonstrations for creating and adding user-created content to computer games will be the projects managers’ main challenge.

Finishing the ‘example mod’ will be the project teams’ main challenge for Spring 2011.

Publicity for project, like flyers, and getting student involvement in the workshop demonstrations, will be the main challenge for Fall 2011.

*Addendum: Legality of modifying video games

    Computer games, coding of computer games and modifications of computer games are the sole property of the producer of the computer game.

    Not all games allow for modification to be made to their coding, while others only allow certain aspects of the game to be modified.  Some game producers officially permit extensive user-created modifications to the game, and only the latter most will be considered to be used in any workshop here on campus (see legal statement link below).

    The legality of modifying the games in this project have been thoroughly researched, and all games that are being considered have been permitted by the producers to be modified by 3rd parties as long as credit is given to the producer, and the mod needs the purchased computer game to run, cannot run as a stand-alone.  

Legal statements: http://www.2kgames.com/civ4/blog_03.htm link to official guarantee that modding Civilization IV is legal and completely permitted. http://www.civilization5.com/#/community/podcast_transcript_special similar link to official guarantee that modding Civilization V is legal and completely permitted.

*Addendum: Definitions: A computer game ‘mod’ is anything that is user-created that is implemented in a computer game.

The ‘example mod’ may have video demonstrations that will be displayed during the ‘modding workshop’ with participants may or may not ask to participate or contribute in.

The ‘modding workshop’ will include tutorials and activities pertaining to the methods of creating user-created content for implementation in computer games (games that officially permit user-created content editing).

*Addendum: Project Liability

The project manager and all members of the project team assumes liability for any plagiarism or violations of any legal, moral, or ethical codes of any official game maker, Association of Computing Machinery, or California State University Long Beach. The project manager will obey any rule set forth by ACM, CSULB, and will purchase the legal copies of the games they wish to demonstrate in any college related event and will accept no monetary reward for the any aspect of the project.

Workshop participants are assumed to be innocent of any violation that occurs because of any member of the project team.

By the passing of this charter, the project team will provide the best work as possible to make the demonstration an enjoyable experience for all participants who wish to partake in activities.