## Project Name Veterans Affairs Memory Test Project

Project Manager

Bernandina Ortiz

Project Definition

Develop a memory test program that will test the patients memory to determine if their memory has been impaired. The program will test the patient's memory by displaying a colored shape for two seconds, then showing a blank screen for five, ten, or fifteen seconds, then showing four shapes in which the patient must select the one he/she saw in the beginning.

Project Scope

IT Medical Services.

Project Goals

Provide a user-friendly test program that uses a portable programming language (Java) for virtually any operating system.

Project Dependencies

- Implement transitions from one trial to another.
- Implement transitions from one stage to another.
- Implement the creation and deletion of the shapes.
- Implement file writing to gather all data from each stage, including the emergency stage
- Implement both normal and emergency tests.
- Implement sounds.
- Implement objects that calculate and stores the test results and the patient's information.
- Implement a timer to transition the trials and stages as well as keep track of how it takes for the patient to answer each trial.
- Implement means of getting the patient's personal information (name and age) with a dummy- proof system in place.

Project Team (2009-2010)

- Bernandina Ortiz (Documentation and Management) 
- Richard Wang (Documentation, Code Review, Development, Quality Assurance) 
- Yohei Takayama (  Quality Assurance) 
- Punravee Cherngchaosil (Development) 
- Alex Chavez (Development) 
- Hyun-ki Chung (Documentation) 
- Sangari R (Development, Quality Assurance)

Project Team (2010-Present)

- Bernandina Ortiz (Documentation and Management) 
- Richard Wang (Development, Code Review, Quality Assurance) 
- Yohei Takayama (Quality Assurance ) 
- Punravee Cherngchaosil (Quality Assurance) 
- Alex Chavez (Quality Assurance)

Project Stakeholders

- Association for Computing Machinery-CSULB Chapter 
- Veterans Affairs Hospital

Project Timeline

Transitions from one trial to another Complete Transitions from one stage to another Complete Creation and deletion of the shapes Complete Gather test data and store them into a file In progress (one week) Normal and emergency tests Complete Sounds Not complete (one week) Objects for storage and calculations Complete Timer Complete Gathering patient's information Complete

Project Phases Software Design -------------> Software Development -----------> Software Test -------------> Software Maintenance -----------

Software Deployment

Project Challenges Ensure that all members know their tasks and coordinate with each other during the development and maintenance phases. ## Managing time between the VA project, school work, and life.