Amended August 31th, 2011 1:35 PM

Project Name



Ben Chang (

Project Definition

To develop a video game app that will win against other entries in both the ImagineCup 2012 International and National competition in adherence to the ImagineCup 2011 theme.

Project Scope

A puzzle game level structure involving: XNA Game Studio 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, C# computing language, Silverlight, Sound, Music and Photoshop, Game Design knowledge & Project Management.

Project Goals

To win the 2012 ImagineCup Game Design Windows 7 / Zune Competition

Project Dependencies

- C# & XNA 4.0 Library
- Windows Platform & SDK Visual Studios 2010
- Sound development software: OSX Garageband

Project Team

- Ben Chang
- Joshua Liong
- Tony Pham
- George Lopez
- ImagineCup Mentor: Position Open

Project Stakeholders

- Microsoft ImagineCup

Project Phases

  • Design Stage – Design all aspects of the game, learn XNA 4.0 and develop full documentation for Directions, including the Game Design Document, UML documents, and Use Case Documentation
  • Alpha Stage – Complete the core engine and visual mechanics of A.R.C. in preparation for playability.
  • Beta Stage – Test the game for completion for demonstration purposes.

Project Timeline

- October 5th, 2011 
    – Completion of the Design Stage and the ability to program core mechanics comfortably. Design Stage complete.  
- November 1st, 2011 
    – Complete the engine, core gameplay and screen manager for the Directions Application. Alpha and Beta phase complete.
- December 15th, 2011
    – Full application of Socie-D, ready to be extended for any additional features outside the scope of this charter.

Project Finances

No anticipated money expenditures

Project Status


Project Challenges

Initial lack of certain skills and application of good programming design, reduction of team morale due to lack of food, lack of direction with new technologies.