# TEAR (Technologically Efficient Adaptable Reformer)

Project Manager

Joshua Liong [email: liong.joshua@gmail.com] [cell: 562-900-2010]

Project Definition

To develop an entertainment software package that will compete against other entries in the Microsoft ImagineCup 2011 International competition in terms of quality and adherence to the ImagineCup 2011 theme.

Project Scope

XNA Game Studio 3.1, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, C# computing language, Sound, Music and Graphical development software, Game Design knowledge, Project Management.

Project Goals

To complete and submit an entertainment software package that adheres to the ImagineCup 2011 theme and constraints.

Project Dependencies

Availability of meeting locations including the ACM Club Room, Availability and skillset of the team members, Electrical Power and Computing Resources including the ACM 64-bit Computer.

Project Team

Joshua Liong, Tony Pham, Donald Herman, Ben Chang, Nick Velasco

Project Stakeholders

Association for Computing Machinery, Microsoft.

Project Phases (subject to change)

- Alpha: 
    - Development of the game design, including concepts, in-game goals, in-game setting, game flow, etc.
    - Development of entertainment aspects including music and graphics. Development of code foundation.
    - Assessment of software features and modifying them to meet deadlines.
    - Requires completion of full game play with most features.
 - Beta: 
    - Testing of Entertainment Software Package for bugs and severe gameplay issues.
    - Polishing and full completion of all game features.
    - Requires a completion of full game play with most features and satisfactory game experience feedback.
 - Gold
    - Release and Submission of the Entertainment Software Package.
    - Requires a complete game that adheres to the guidelines and restrictions of the ImagineCup 2011 competition.

Project Timeline

  • November 17, 2010 – Completion of Level 1 with all basic videogame features, including Sound Management, Basic opponent AI and code foundation to develop the game flow and physics.
    • March 7, 2011 – Submission of complete Alpha product or better to ImagineCup US
    • April 27, 2011 – Submission of complete Beta product or better to ImagineCup US
    • July 2011 – If accepted to the final round of the competition, a preparation of a live demonstration of the Entertainment Software Package. If unaccepted, the continuation of development of the Entertainment Software Package for future competitions.

Project Challenges

  • Availability of team members, lack of certain skills of team members, reduced team morale during debugging, lack of available development software.