Minutes for 2012-03-01

2011-2012 Admininistrative Cabinet

Nathan Pickrell



Frank Lima



Andrew Meredith



David Nuon


Appointed Positions
Faculty Advisor
Frank Murgolo

AESB Representative
Diana Ignacio


Contact Liaison

David Barahona


Publicity & Recruitment Chair

Salvador Llamas


Market Manager

James Coolidge


Orion Sakorn

Membership Chair

Donald Herman



Ian Goegebuer


Office Technician

Shane Satterfield

Open Positions

Alumni Advisor

Fundraising Chair




Event Coordinator


ACM Meeting Agenda for Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 1:00 PM in ECS-304

      1. Roll Call
        1. Administrative Cabinet
          1. President: Present
          2. Vice: Present, came in: 1:21 PM
          3. Treasurer: Present
          4. Secretary: Present
        2. Appointed Positions
          1. AESB Representative: Present
          2. Contact Liaison: Not Present
          3. Publicity & Recruitment Chair: Present
          4. Market Manager: Present
          5. Membership Chair: Present, came in 1:07 PM
          6. Historian: Present
          7. Office Technician: Present
          8. Webmaster: Present
        3. Project Managers (some not listed to avoid double counting officers/managers)
          1. Socie-D - Ben Chang: Not Present
          2. Women in Computing / Links for Good - Ariana Aguirre: Present
          3. Augmented Ebay - Karan Bhandari: Present, came in 1:10 PM
    1. Approval of Agenda:
      1. Sal: I move to approve the agenda with amendments - PASS:
        1. Sal: Pass
        2. Ariana: Pass
    2. Approval of the Minutes:
      1. James: I motion to approve the minutes with amendments - PASS
        1. James: Pass
        2. Ariana: Pass
    1. Guest Introductions:
      1. Osvaldo, Computer Science
      2. Wesley, Computer Science, I want to find out more about my major
      3. Antuan Alvarez, Computer Science, I want to find out more about my major
    1. Officer Reports:
      1. Faculty Adviser:
      2. President:
        1. Remind Dr. Murgolo about our meetings: 
          1. Nathan: Dr. Murgolo knows about our meetings. I'm going to ask him about industry speakers.
          2. Sal: What is he really interested in?
            1. Nathan: He's just an old software engineer.
        2. MSDNAA: 
          1. Ariana: I tried signing in to the dashboard, and my credentials were not working.
            1. Nathan: Two possibilities:
              1. Your account expired - If that is the case, if you are a student, I can help you with that. I am the admin.
              2. You don't enter your email as your username. The username is in the same format as the one in the CECS lab.
          2. Sal: If you want thousands of dollars of software for free, Nathan can help you with that. 
            1. Nathan: Only CECS majors only. I am the admin.
      3. Vice: 
        1. Surveillance Boost:
        2. Whiteboard Refresh:
          1. Sal: Didn't we clean the whiteboard?
            1. Ian: Yes, it looks nice.
            2. David: It is beautiful.
            3. Frank: We got the whiteboard clean, Josh and I scrubbed that thing like crazy.
        3. Frank: I didn't have time to get the capacitors for the bot, I had to study.
      4. Treasurer:
        1. Reimbursements:
          1. Andrew: I gave Nathan money to gives to James.
            1. Nathan: I gave it to [James].
          2. Frank: The bot cost us ~201 USD. I only said 150 USD, the rest is coming out of my own pocket.
      5. Secretary:
        1. Keys:
          1. James: I'll have to check if Mike replied to me.
          2. Nathan: When I find Mike, I'll get back to you.
      6. AESB Representative:
        1. Nathan: We closed the nominations for Senator and Secretary, we have to open the former again because there were some that didn't tell us they wanted to run.
      7. Publicity & Recruitment Chair:
        1. Student Faculty Mixer: 
          1. Sal: This was last week. What I'm actually thinking of doing, a very low cost and high output way to get new members. I'm thinking of having an informal meeting to invite students from CECS 210 and CECS 174 to offer peer advising to help students get on projects. Because, you need more than a degree in Computer Science to get a job. I think we should talk about this next week. What are you guys interested in?
            1. James Hall: iOS Apps
          2. Frank: Don't be afraid to ask any of us. If we may not know, we can find out people that will.
          3. Ian: I can help with Android development too.
          4. Sal: Can you provide power strips?
            1. Nathan: Yes.
          5. Sal: We'll iron out the details next week.
      8. Market Manager:
        1. Status of the Price Sign:
          1. James: We have it, it's working, it's an Excel document. It will be artistic. Also, the question mark goes back, way back.
            1. David: Don't worry, we have grep.
          2. James: We also have extra JOLT Cola:
            1. Nathan: But no Bawls.
              1. James: Those sold quite well.
      9. Historian:
        1. Orion: As you can I was taking pictures around the room, you can see what I took in my facebook profile.
          1. Sal: I gave you admin access to the Facebook page. You can post your photos there.
      10. Membership Chair:
        1. Alumni List:
          1. Donald: If you need anything added to the newsletter, let me know.
      11. Webmaster:
        1. Ian: I don't know if you guys know this, but facebook is moving everything to the timeline, so, I'm going to make sure everything is nice and pretty.
          1. Frank: Need a banner?
            1. Ian: That'd be nice.
      12. Office Technician:
        1. Shane: Ubuntu has been installed onto the other computer, the older one. And we need more Monsters.
      13. Open Positions are available!
        1. Librarian:
          1. Sal: You make sure nobody steal books. I recommend the OpenGL SuperBible.
        2. Fundraising Chair:
        3. Event Coordinator:
          1. Sal: You get to organize events.
        4. Sal: Another way you can get involved is to start a project.
    2. Project/Committee Reports:
      1. Augmented Ebay Project:
        1. Karan: We did not make it to the finals, but they looked at our business paper and said we did well but our business plan had four flaws in it. They said if we worked to fix that, they would help us to get us in contact with Octane and SharkTank.If, ever, we get funding for a startup, we can get interns from here.
      1. Programming Team: 
        1. Sal: Programming team is something that we recommend to everybody, we had an alimni win third place, he works at Google now.
      2. Socie-D:
        1. Donad: For Socie-D and Crimes Against Humanity we are looking for beta testers. We're going to setup a link for people to get it.
      3. Crimes Against Humanity:
        1. Donad: For Socie-D and Crimes Against Humanity we are looking for beta testers. We're going to setup a link for people to get it.
      4. Women in Computing Startup:
        1. Sal: They're having a meeting on Monday at 12:00 PM.
      5. Links For Good:
        1. David: I haven't worked on it this week.
      6. ACM Redux:
        1. Ian: I recoded the backend to make things more efficient and expandable.
          1. Nathan: How easy it for people to add things?
            1. Ian: We haven't gotten there yet.
      7. Thor, Bot of Thunder:
    3. Event/Fundraising Reports:
      1. Recruitment
    4. Old Business
      1. Xbox:
      2. eWeek
        1. ACM LAN Aftermath:
          1. Sal: I move to mark the project as complete - PASS
            1. Sal: Pass
            2. Frank: It was awesome.
            3. Ian: Can we do it again?
              1. Nathan: If not this semester, next year.
              2. Frank: It would be an impromptu one.
    5. New Business:
      1. Concerning ACM
        1. ACM Retreat:
          1. Sal: I sent out the RSVP, no one RSVP'ed. I don't expect a flood of people.
        2. Shirts:
          1. David: I called Renzwear, I need to contact them again.
          2. Sal: The design I had in mind is awesome.
  4. ADJOURNMENT - Meeting adjourned: 1:52 PM