Meeting Documents

Minutes for 2012-03-08

2011-2012 Administrative Cabinet

Nathan Pickrell


Frank Lima


Andrew Meredith


David Nuon

Appointed Positions
Faculty Advisor
Frank Murgolo

AESB Representative
Diana Ignacio

Contact Liaison

David Barahona

Publicity & Recruitment Chair

Salvador Llamas

Market Manager

James Coolidge

Orion Sakorn

Membership Chair

Donald Herman


Ian Goegebuer

Office Technician

Shane Satterfield

Open Positions

Alumni Advisor

Fundraising Chair


Event Coordinator

ACM Meeting Agenda for Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at 1:00 PM in ECS-304

      1. Roll Call
        1. Administrative Cabinet
          1. President: Present, 1:32 PM
          2. Vice: Present
          3. Treasurer: Not Present
          4. Secretary: Present
        2. Appointed Positions
          1. AESB Representative: Present
          2. Contact Liaison: Not Present
          3. Publicity & Recruitment Chair: Present
          4. Market Manager: Present, 1:16 PM
          5. Membership Chair: Not Present
          6. Historian: Not Present
          7. Office Technician:Present
          8. Webmaster: Present
        3. Project Managers (some not listed to avoid double counting officers/managers)
          1. Socie-D - Ben Chang: Not Present
          2. Women in Computing / Links for Good - Ariana Aguirre: Not Present
          3. Augmented Ebay - Karan Bhandari: Present
    1. Approval of Agenda:
      1. Sal: I move to approve the agenda:
        1. Sal: Pass
        2. Ian: Pass
    2. Approval of the Minutes:
      1. Sal: I move to approve the minutes with amendments
        1. Sal: Pass
        2. James: Pass
    1. Guest Introductions:
      1. Robert, Mechanical Engineering
      2. Chris, Accounting Major
        1. Sal: Minor in computer science. Mechanical Engineers will do a lot of coding. If you do that and a minor in a computer science, you do systems engineering.
    1. Officer Reports:
      1. Faculty Adviser:
      2. President:
        1. Remind Dr. Murgolo about our meetings:
        2. Sal: Nate needs to go over the BBQ.
      3. Vice: 
        1. Surveillance Boost:
          1. Sal: Remember the camera we have lying around?
          2. Frank: Well, I may be able to get to it now. I need to make sure we have enough wire. I have more free time for ACM now.
      4. Treasurer:
        1. Reimbursements:
          1. Sal: Frank you can handle this. I originally allocated 90 USD for black paper. I already gave Andrew 40 USD and I'm now giving Frank 40 USD. I still need to give him 10 USD.
      5. Secretary:
        1. Keys:
          1. James: I have found Mike. He's willing to say in one place for me to track him down.
      6. AESB Representative:
        1. Diana: We have a new secretary, Jairo Lopez. ASI Secretary elections tomorrow, 3 are running.
      7. Publicity & Recruitment Chair:
        1. Sal: In terms of publicity;
          1. We have the guest speaker from Symantec.
          2. The week after, we're going to have a mentor meeting. If you have any expertise, feel free to come and mentor.  We're going to have a reduced agenda next week for the speaker and we'rer going to organize the mentor meeting next week.
          3. Sal: Also, when you send out the newsletter, let the subject be: "Guest Speaker from Symantec; bring your resumes"
      8. Market Manager:
        1. Price Sign:
          1. James: I am printing it out today! I found out how to use mspaint.exe. I essentially took an excel sheet and put it in mspaint.exe and made it pretty. Now, who has been to the ASI treasury office? Well, there's a marquee that scrolls text, and they're not using it because it is a fire hazard. Now, we might be able to use it. How hard it would be to have someone to program it to update it from the web?
            1. Sal: It depends on it's API.
            2. Ian: It's possible.
            3. James: We're not able to have it out in the hall, do you guys want to do anything with it?
            4. Ian: It would be helpful, the ASCE sign is very deceptive.
      9. Historian:
      10. Membership Chair:
      11. Webmaster:
        1. Ian: Let's see. Facebook timeline is up. Frank's banner is nice. And as of last night, I have taken over the twitter account. Our twitter is alive.
          1. Frank: I have a bounty of videos, I need to put up all of the videos.
          2. James: We have 98 - Mbps up.
          3. Frank: !
      12. Office Technician:
        1. Shane: The scanner works, but do we want to take it apart?
          1. Sal: When I brought it in, the printer doesn't work. But the scanner does. I know we've been wanting a scanner for a while.
      13. Open Positions are available!
    2. Project/Committee Reports:
      1. Augmented Ebay Project:
        1. Karan: iPhone app has been accepted a week ago. We're competing for a Chilean startup. We've been having difficulties with our team. We have some localization tasks, like we have to consider the Chilean currency.
          1. Frank: Make sure you have logs and dates for when you work on it. If you need help, be sure to ask us. I wish you the best of luck.
      1. Programming Team:
        1. Keith: It's fun, it's on Thursday. We have fun, every Thursday.
        2. Sal: Don't we have to discuss potential prizes?
          1. Nathan: Yes. We need gift cards.
          2. - : What do you do in the programming team?
            1. Sal: They give you a bunch of problems, they are challenging. There is a lot of dimensional analysis. To join, you just need to go.
            2. Frank: You are there to get your butt kicked.
            3. It's from 7:30 - 9:30, ECS - 416
      2. Socie-D:
        1. [From Joshua] - SocieD team got a Windows 7 Phone from Jose Trujillo. It works great! Our core gameplay is mostly complete. Players can run the game from the ACM Windows 7 Computer.
      3. Crimes Against Humanity:
      4. Women in Computing Startup:
        1. Sal: Lina is having a baby shower, Wednesday. We're thinking of a onsie with his name (Jeremy) in binary.
      5. Links For Good:
        1. David.: The redux has been taking up my time this week. Next week, I'll be working on events.
      6. ACM Redux:
        1. David: I still need to talk to nationals about fixing our domain.
      7. Thor, Bot of Thunder:
        1. Frank: Thor, I will be able to continue it on the 15th of March. We need saltwater, tin foil and bottles in series. We're going to have one giant capacitor. I may switch the transformer out for a neon transformer. A microwave transformer is about ~6000 V, a neon sign transformer is about ~12000 V.
        2. James: Did you make the GIF of winding wire?
          1. David: Not yet.
    3. Event/Fundraising Reports:
      1. Recruitment:
        1. Sal: I don't think I'll be doing the table thing anymore.
        2. Frank: I may do another LAN Party, perhaps on a Friday. I'm going to see if I can extend it for a longer time. It's a possibility.
    4. Old Business:
    5. New Business:
      1. ACM BBQ:
        1. Sal: So, what's going on?
          1. Frank: Cook and hang out?
          2. Nathan: I'm just going to cook.
          3. Karan: Pot luck?
          4. Frank: Yes, bring meat and we'll cook it.
          5. Sal: It's going to be at Nate's house. How many people do you think are going?
            I predict about 10-12 (most). There are people from UCR, UCI and CSUF. What time? It's going to be on the 24th.
            1. Sal: I'm thinking around 3 PM.
      2. VGA Cable for the Xbox:
        1. Frank: I'm bringing it.
        2. James: You have Xbox to VGA?
          1. Frank: Yes.
      3. Speaker from Symantec:
        1. Nathan: A speaker is coming next week. He's taking resumes. He's not a recruiter, but he has clout. He's a software developer, that's all he can tell us. Be there. He will be here for a half hour. He's a prior officer (Vice President). It is going to be in VEC-330. Same time, next week.
          1. Frank. Advertise that.
          2. Sal: Yes, so much yes. Flyers everywhere.
      4. Transition:
        1. Sal: April 9th is when it starts.
          1. Week 1. We open up nominations
          2. Week 2. Constitutional convention.
          3. Week 3. Elections
          4. Week 4. Official Transition Week
          5. Week 5. Group Photo
          6. Week 6. Finals
      5. May 14th Final Exams!
  4. ADJOURNMENT - Meeting Adjourned 1:56 PM