Minutes for 2012-05-10

  1. Call to Order
    1. Roll Call
      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - Nathan Pickrell: Present
        2. Vice-President - Frank Lima: Present
        3. Treasurer - Andrew Meredith: Not Present
        4. Secretary - David Nuon: Present
      2. Appointed Positions
        1. AESB Representative - Diana Ignacio: Present
        2. Publicity and Recruitment Chair - Salvador Llamas: Present
        3. Market Manager - James Coolidge: Present
        4. Membership Chair - Donald Herman: Present
        5. Webmaster - Ian Goegebuer: Present
        6. Office Technician - Shane Satterfield: Present
        7. Historian - Orion Sakorn: Present
        8. Librarian - Anthony Gialcalone: Not Present
      3. Project Managers
        1. Socie-D - Ben Chang: Not Present
        2. Women In Computing - Ariana Aguirre: Present, came in 1:02pm
        3. Augemented Ebay - Karan Bhandari: Not Present
    2. Approval of Agenda [PASS]:
      1. First: Ian [PASS]
      2. Second: David [PASS]
      3. Discussion: None
    3. Approval of Minutes
      1. 5/03/2012 Minutes Approval: [PASS]
  2. Announcements
    1. Guest Introductions
      1. Ali, masters degree in math. David Nuon works for Ali.
    2. Korean BBQ
      1. Friday 18th(3pm - 10pm) Donna's House.
      2. Lots of meet. Nathan cooking.
      3. $8 for the tickets. $10 at the door. Buy them from the ACM-W member
    3. Handover to David.
  3. Business
    1. Officer Reports:
      1. Faculty Adviser: Not Present
      2. President:
        1. Buy tickets if you are going to the AESB banquet.
        2. Banquet is from 6:30 to 10pm Friday 5/11/12
      3. Vice:
        1. Beachcon was a massive success. People came and interviewed us.
        2. Thanks Nathan, James, Zak, and Sal for helping out.
      4. Treasurer:
        1. Reimbursements:
          1. Partial funding for the web conference.
          2. Reimburse food purchases $37.48 [PASS]
            1. Ariana: [PASS]
            2. Frank: [PASS]
          3. Reimbursement $71.05: [PASS]
            1. Ian: [PASS]
            2. Frank: Hey James!
            3. Did not get the pop tarts.
      5. Secretary:
        1. Training the current incoming secretary.
      6. AESB Representative:
        1. Next AESB meeting:
          1. All the orgs need to submit their contact information to either Sal or the new information person.
          2. Elections were really long.
          3. Zak is president.
          4. ACM_W got most improved award.
        2. AESB Banquet is tomorrow at 6:30 at the USU 306. $10, and there will be BBQ.
      7. Publicity & Recruitment Chair:
        1. Tips, when it comes to accounts, don't customize your ACM accounts.
        2. Have your emails say which position it is, not your name. Generalize your accounts.
        3. Contact from EA guy for the E3. He says he might be coming in November or October this year. The information has been passed to the contact liaison.
        4. We should get business cards.
        5. Transfer documents to the new publicity chair after finals, via dropbox.
      8. Market Manager:
        1. Restocked.
        2. Orion: Should we get more water?
        3. Ariana" It's summer and not as many people will be buying
        4. Few new items at EAT:
          1. Chocolate Twinkies
          2. Swiss rolls
          3. Apple juice
        5. Preparing for the finals run.
      9. Membership Chair:
        1. Send the link to the alumni survey so he can add it to the newsletter.
      10. Webmaster:
        1. Need to have the sign working beautifully.
      11. Office Technician
      12. Historian:
        1. Taking a picture today.
        2. Nathan: need pictures
      13. Librarian:
      14. Open Positions are available:
        1. Fundraising Chair
        2. Contact Liaison
    2. Project Commitee Reports
      1. Socie-D:
        1. Just waiting. No anouncement yet. May 29th is the reply.
      2. Women In Computing Startup:
        1. Was the web development conference closed?
        2. Going through transitions and Korean BBQ
        3. Motion to close: [PASS]
          1. First: Diana [PASS]
          2. Second: Ariana [PASS]
          3. Discussion: Should we have an ACM- liaison.
            1. Nathan: Just have a point for it in the minutes.
            2. Ian: The project was not closed.
        4. Motion to close Future Insights live project: [PASS]
          1. First: Ariana [PASS]
          2. Second: Ian [PASS]
      3. Augmented Ebay Project:
    3. Old Business
    4. New Business:
      1. New officer training:
        1. Treasurer:
          1. Needs to know how to handle the funds and needs to talk to Andrew.
        2. Webmaster:
          1. Needs to have FT credentials, and needs to know how to use the framework.
        3. Event Coordinator:
          1. Incoming event coordinator should talk with people and see what events people would be interested in.
        4. Publicity & Recruitment Chair:
          1. Will receive a bunch of Documents from Sal
          2. Learn Photoshop very well.
      2. Email Addreses and Accounts:
        1. Make them all generic. Instead of putting your name in the name field. Put your position name. this will reduce confusion. Put your name in the signature.
      3. Summer Activities
        1. Summer meetings:
          1. June 1st Friday 12:00pm
            1. Meeting to discus what we will do next semester, and what we will do over the summer.
            2. If you are local, you are expected to be there, else you can skype in.
            3. We will need 7 for quorum. 7 will make it for sure.
            4. Ariana: What projects will be open?
              1. Thor is on hiatus.
          2. T3:
            1. David: What is T3? Is it one of those conferences that you need to go through?
              1. Sal: Yes. T3 is for certificiation. It's $5. Event planning, fiscal certification, hot food certification, and campus regulations.
              2. Allocate time in early to mid August for this.
                1. David: Who is available?
                  1. 3 people.
              3. Sign up early to get the good stuffs.
        2. Summer Involvement:
          1. Bio CLEP Preparation:
            1. David: We all have to take Bio. It screws up schedules. Arrange a study group to study for the CLEP test (exemption test).
              1. If you are interested, ping David after finals.
              2. A lot of flexibility. You can take the CLEP anywhere, anytime.
            2. Monday at 12:00pm the first day of summer semester.
          2. Availability:
            1. David will be available during most of the summer. Nate will be available, as well as Sal.
            2. There will be able bodies on campus if you need to talk with us.
          3. SOAR (July 11th)
            1. Having tables out sometime in the middle of the day. After that we will go out and see a movie. We will see the Dark Knight Rises.
          4. Bylaws meeting
            1. Concurrently doing the ACM and ACM-W bylaws.
        3. Motion to reserve the ACM room Tuesday 5pm till the sun rises: [PASS]
          1. Ariana: [PASS]
          2. James: The second
        4. Keys:
          1. Current officers have to turn in their keys and the new officers have to get them.
          2. Many new incoming AESB officers.
          3. Ariana: Official date for turning in the keys?
          4. Sal: Friday after the Finals.
        5. Ariana: Anyone want play paintball? The Friday after finals? Watch for updates.
        6. Frank: Congratulations for the last day of classes!
      4. Group Photo
        1. Good luck with finals!
  4. Adjournment