Meeting Documents

Minutes for 2012-09-11

  1. Call to Order 1:03 p.m.

    1. Roll Call

      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - David Nuon: Present
        2. Vice President - Ian Goegebuer: Present
        3. Treasurer - Christopher Gomez: Not Present
        4. Secretary - Shane Satterfield: Present
        5. AESB Representative - Victoria Hatfield: Present
        6. Event Coordinator - Diana Ignacio: Present
      2. Appointed Officers
        1. Librarian - Anthony Gialcalone: Not Present
        2. Publicity and Recruitment Chair - Leo Tronolone: Present
        3. Market Manager - James Coolidge: Present
        4. Historian - Orion Sakorn: Not Present
        5. Office Technician - Johnny Patterson: Present
      3. Project Managers

        1. Programming Team - Sal Llamas Present
      4. Approval of the Agenda

        1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the agenda: [PASS]
          • First - James: first
          • Second - Victoria: pass
          • Discussion: None
      5. Approval of the Minutes

        1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the minutes: [PASS]
          • First - James: NULL
          • Second - Nathan: root
          • Discussion: None
    2. Announcements

      1. ACM-W
        1. Beginning of the Year Bonfire
          1. September 14th, Bolsa Chica State Beach.
          2. Sept. 20th Cha for Tea fundraiser
      2. IGDA Potluck
        1. Griffith park Sept 23, at 12 pm
    3. Guest Introductions
      1. Bonnie: I am computer science.
      2. Lorbing: I am Lorbing. I am computer science, and I am into game development.
      3. Aaron: Aaron, I am computer science, and interested in AI.
      4. Nicole: Nicole, computer science, User interface
      5. Roshan: Computer science, Idea Management and security.
      6. Osiel: Chemical engineering, and I would like to work with Boeing.
    4. Reports
      1. Officer Reports
        1. President:
        2. Vice President:
          1. The calendar is up. You need to add it to your list to start using it.
          2. We should have a combined caldendar so that everyone can see.
        3. Treasurer:
          1. Acknowledge Pizza Purchase
          2. Motion of the floor: Sal Reimbursement for 20 USD: [PASS]
            • First - Sal: pass
            • Second - James: first
            • Discussion: None
        4. Secretary:
          1. MSDNAA accounts
        5. AESB Representative:
          1. The constitution bylaws. The SLD advisor will be going to a meeting about it.
          2. Shirts and sweatshirts are on sale.
          3. ABET acredidation will be going on for the next few weeks.
          4. If you applied for a grant, you will have to reapply.
        6. Event Coordinator:
          1. Diana: I am planning movie nights.
        7. Librarian:
        8. Publicity and Recruitment Chair:
          1. Leo: I have finished posting up the fliers for the programming team.
          2. Leo: I have the list of the CECS 100 and 174 classes. If you want to help, contact me.
        9. Market Manager:
          1. James: I will be doing a costco run on Monday. I am taking suggestions.
        10. Historian:
        11. Office Technician:
          1. Johnny: There was a huge revamp of the computers.
      2. Projects Reports
        1. Programming Team - Sal Llamas
      3. Committee Reports
    5. Old Business
      1. ACM Joint meeting with EAT.
        1. Today at 2:30 p.m. We will be talking about the ABET.
      2. ACM Github
        1. David: If you have a GitHub account, send it to
        2. Ian: For bitbucket, you have to add your CSULB student email to upgrade your account.
      3. Code Jams
        1. Sal: The first meeting is be Wednesday, September 12 at 5pm, location TBD.
      4. Daily 49er
      5. T3
      6. Beginning of the Year Push
        1. Publicity Committee
          1. ENGR 101 Speaking
            1. The Communication Director has emailed out signups. The Communications Director acknowledges that ACM has signed up for ENGR 101 speaking, however, asks about ACM-W.
          2. CECS Speaking
            1. David: This is a great way to spread the word and help people.
            2. Leo is talking with the CECS professors.
        2. Programming team promotion
          1. Training meetings on Tuesdays at 5pm, in ECS 416.
          2. Practice meetings on Thursdays at 7:30 pm, in ECS 416.
      7. Tony guest speaker from Amazon
        1. David: I will be talking to Tony about when this will be. We might also be able to get Lynn as well.
      8. Knowledgebase
        1. Fix any typos and add any content where you know about it.
        2. The wiki committee meeting will be during the code jam. Wednesday, location TBA, 5pm.
      9. Freshman Welcome Day Spetember 14, 2012
        1. If you have a slate or tablet, load the advising pack on it and bring it with you to the event. We will be advising and showing off some demos.
        2. There are only small revisions needed for the board.
      10. WDC is in the process of transitioning into ACM-SIGWeb
    6. New Business
      1. Slidedeck Presentation
        1. Projects
          1. Project Charter
        2. Programming team
        3. Code Jam
      2. Constitution and Bylaws revision
        1. Postpone.
      3. Code Jam Charter Revision
        1. Motion of the floor: Amend Event charter: [PASS]
          • First - Sal: pass
          • Second - James: agreed
          • Discussion: None
  2. Adjournment 1:51 p.m.