Meeting Documents

Minutes for 2012-10-16

  1. Call to Order
    1. Roll Call
      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - David Nuon:
        2. Vice President - Ian Goegebuer:
        3. Treasurer - Christopher Gomez:
        4. Secretary - Shane Satterfield:
        5. AESB Representative - Victoria Hatfield:
        6. Event Coordinator - Diana Ignacio:
      2. Appointed Officers
        1. Librarian - Anthony Gialcalone:
        2. Publicity and Recruitment Chair - Leo Tronolone:
        3. Market Manager - James Coolidge:
        4. Historian - Orion Sakorn:
        5. Office Technician - Johnny Patterson:
      3. Project Managers
        1. Programming Team - Salvador Llamas:
    2. Announcements
      1. ACM-W
        1. Meetings Thursdays at 1pm in ECS 304.
        2. Workshop for Women Engineers at the Beach, in October.
          1. It will be working on the HTML workshop with ACM-Web.
        3. Workshops at highschools on November 5th, 7th. 12th and 14th are possible dates.
          1. Contact if you are interested.
      2. ACM-Web
        1. Meetings Thursdays at 4:30pm in ECS 304.
        2. They are starting their first two projects.
      3. Events
        1. codejams on Wednesdays at 5pm to 7pm.
        2. Programming Team, Tuesdays at ECS 416, 5pm to 7pm.
        3. Programming Team, Thursdays at ECS 416, 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
        4. This Thursday will be tryouts for the programming team.
    3. Guest Introductions
    4. Reports
      1. Officer Reports
        1. President:
        2. Vice President:
        3. Treasurer:
          1. Boushi: We need a restock.
        4. Secretary:
          1. Accounts for the wiki
            1. Sal: All officers should have accounts to the wiki, if you don't have an account for the wiki, send me an email at
        5. AESB Representative:
        6. Event Coordinator:
          1. Movie Night
            1. Diana: I have submitted the room reservation forms. If it happens it will happen on Fridays, from 7pm to 10pm.
          2. Costume Party Game Night
        7. Librarian:
          1. Boushi: We need to start the book sales near the end of October. It should be on a Monday or Tuesday.
        8. Publicity and Recruitment Chair:
          1. ENGR 101 Speaking
            1. The Communication Director has emailed out signups. The Communications Director acknowledges that ACM has signed up for ENGR 101 speaking.
              1. David: I just spoke with the Communications Director, ACM-W has yet to sign up for ENGR 101 speaking.
          2. CECS Speaking
            1. David: This is a great way to spread the word and help people.
            2. Leo has a list of professors ready.
        9. Market Manager:
        10. Historian:
        11. Office Technician:
          1. Theft
            1. It has been taken care of.
          2. Security update
            1. We need to add another camera, and will probably just mount it onto the beam.
      2. Projects Reports
        1. Daily 49er App
          1. If you are interested in the ACM Calendar, contact me at
          2. Ian: If you want to work on this, install Idea IDE. It is difficult to install, so contact me if you need some help.
        2. Programming Team
          1. We will be sending 4 teams, and we will be gettng 3 rooms.
          2. Hotel rooms
            1. We have reserved rooms for the programming team.
          3. Try outs
          4. If you want to compete in the programming team, please let us know. If you want to go, please attend the meetings.
        3. Web Portfolio Set
          1. Daivd: There will be a meeting for this during the codejam.
          2. David: This project lives on You can follow this repository.
          3. David: Send your schedules to Ian and I will be coming up with a meeting time.
          4. David: This is app is beginner friendly.
      3. Committee Reports
    5. Old Business
      1. Incoming freshman
        1. David: There are going to be a lot more freshman coming to ACM.
        2. David: I want everyone to start talking to the freshman.
        3. Sal: Everyone should be working on recruiting, not just David and Leo.
      2. CECS Tutoring.
        1. Sal: There is tutoring Monday through Thursday on many lower division CECS courses.
    6. New Business
      1. ACM and ACM-W will shift their meetings for 2 weeks. We will have the meetings in the labs on the 16th, 18th and 23rd of October.
        1. We need fliers for this. These will be special meetings.
      2. Advising meetings for the days that we don't have the room.
        1. The meeting times will be the same, but we will be in one of the computer labs.
      3. ABET meeting
        1. ABET Internal Report
        2. ABET will be in the office on October 22nd.
  2. Adjournment