Meeting Documents

Minutes for 2012-10-23

  1. Call to Order 1:06pm

    1. Roll Call

      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - David Nuon: Present
        2. Vice President - Ian Goegebuer: Present
        3. Treasurer - Christopher Gomez: Not Present
        4. Secretary - Shane Satterfield: Present
        5. AESB Representative - Victoria Hatfield: Present
        6. Event Coordinator - Diana Ignacio: Present
      2. Appointed Officers
        1. Librarian - Anthony Gialcalone: Not Present
        2. Publicity and Recruitment Chair - Leo Tronolone: Not Present
        3. Market Manager - James Coolidge: Present
        4. Historian - Orion Sakorn: Not Present
        5. Office Technician - Johnny Patterson: Present
        6. Membership Chair - Lorbing Cano: Not Present
      3. Project Managers
        1. Programming Team - Salvador Llamas: Not Present
      4. Approval of the agenda and the minutes:
        1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the agenda: [PASS]
          • First - James: pass
          • Second - Ian: pass
          • Discussion: none
        2. Motion of the floor: Approval of the minutes: [PASS]
          • First - James: pass
          • Second - Ian: pass
          • Discussion: None
    2. Announcements

      1. ACM-W
        1. Meetings Thursdays at 1pm in ECS 304.
        2. Workshop for Women Engineers at the Beach, in October 26th.
          1. It will be working on the HTML workshop with ACM-Web.
          2. Diana: If you are interested, there will be a training session on Friday, 4:30 pm.
        3. Workshop at highschools on November 14th.
          1. Contact if you are interested.
      2. ACM-Web
        1. Meetings Thursdays at 4:30pm in ECS 304.
        2. They are starting their first two projects.
        3. Murgolo: If the web club would like to be a part of a project in the Siemens corporation, contact me. This could be a paid internship.
          1. Murgolo: If you have the interest and the qualifications, please contact me at
      3. Events
        1. codejams on Wednesdays at 5pm to 7pm.
        2. Programming Team training meetings, Tuesdays at ECS 416, 5pm to 7pm.
        3. Programming Team practice meetings, Thursdays at ECS 416, 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
        4. This Thursday will be another round of tryouts for the programming team.
      4. Nathan: MSDNAA accounts are back. Old accounts are still there, and new accounts can be made. You can renew your accounts if you are still a student at CSULB.
    3. Guest Introductions
      1. Neo, first year computer science.
      2. Daryl, sophomore computer science major.
      3. Bao, computer science major. Working as a web developer.
    4. Reports
      1. Officer Reports
        1. Vice-president:
          1. Ian: I am working on figuring out when to have a meeting for the 49er app. If you are interested, email me your schedule and what you are intereted in doing at
          2. Ian: It will probably be two meeting times to discuss how to split up the app.
          3. Ian: The office has been stocked with books and food. The books are selling for $1 each.
        2. Event Coordinator:
          1. Diana: We will be having our first movie night at ECS 105, from 7 pm to 10 pm.
          2. Diana: We will be playin The Nightmare Before Christmas and will be selling popcorn.
        3. AESB Representative:
          1. Victoria: Display cases need to be updated.
          2. Victoria: E-Week charter needs to be done by Wednesday.
            1. David: There is a form for it on the acm website.
          3. Victoria: To get reimbursed, you have to wait 2 weeks instead of 3.
          4. Victoria: The engineering scholarships will be available on November 30th, and the deadline is February 8th.
          5. Victoria: ACM T-shirts are going to be crewneck. It is going to be peach, and polos are going to be navy.
            1. Victoria: Pictures will be available soon.
      2. Projects Reports
        1. Daily 49er App
          1. Ian: If you want to work on this, install Idea IDE. It is difficult to install, so contact me if you need some help.
          2. Ian: If you have an interest or something that you specifically want to work on, send me an email about it.
        2. Programming Team
          1. We will be sending 4 teams, and we will be getting 3 rooms.
          2. Hotel rooms
            1. We have reserved rooms for the programming team.
          3. Try out orientation will be this Tuesday.
          4. Try outs will be this Thursday. The trial outs will begin at 7 pm.
          5. If you want to compete in the programming team, please let us know. If you want to go, please attend the meetings.
        3. Web Portfolio Set
          1. David: Mockups have been placed in the github repository.
          2. David: I have sent out guideline for how the mockups will work and how github works.
          3. David: There will be a meeting for this during the codejam.
          4. David: This project lives on You can follow this repository.
          5. David: Send your schedules to Ian and I will be coming up with a meeting time.
          6. David: This app is beginner friendly.
      3. Committee Reports
    5. Old Business
    6. New Business
      1. Booksale
        1. There will be a book sale out in the VEC-quad, and in the acm office. Each book will be sold for $1.
  2. Adjournment 1:32 pm