Meeting Documents

Minutes for 2012-11-20

  1. Call to Order 1:21 pm

    1. Roll Call
      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - David Nuon: Present
        2. Vice President - Ian Goegebuer: Present
        3. Treasurer - Christopher Gomez: Not Present
        4. Secretary - Shane Satterfield: Present
        5. AESB Representative - Victoria Hatfield: Present
        6. Event Coordinator - Diana Ignacio: Present
      2. Appointed Officers
        1. Librarian - Anthony Gialcalone: Not Present
        2. Publicity and Recruitment Chair - Leo Tronolone: Present
        3. Market Manager - James Coolidge: Not Present
        4. Historian - Orion Sakorn: Not Present
        5. Office Technician - Johnny Patterson: Not Present
        6. Membership Chair - Lorbing Cano: Not Present
      3. Project Managers
        1. Programming Team - Salvador Llamas: Present
    2. Approval of the Agenda

      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the agenda: [PASS]
        • First - Victoria: pass
        • Second - Diana: pass
        • Discussion: None
    3. Approval of the Minutes

      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the minutes: [PASS]
        • First - Victoria: pass
        • Second - Ian: yum
        • Discussion: None
    4. Announcements

      1. ACM-W
        1. Workshop at highschools on November 14th.
          1. How did it go?
          2. Diana: It went well. The kids enjoyed it based on the surveys. We are still working on reimbursements.
          3. Diana: We will continue doing workshops next semester.
      2. ACM-Web
        1. Sal: They are close to becoming an official acm chapter.
        2. Sal: They are hosting a fundraiser next week. It will be at Ruby's. More information will be coming soon.
      3. Events
        1. David: The code jam this week will be canceled.
    5. Guest Introductions
      1. I am Tony and I graduated last semester.
        1. Tony: Test your code.
        2. Tony: Learn stuff on your own and join the programming team.
    6. Reports

      1. Officer Reports

        1. President:
        2. Vice President:
          1. Ian: I am going to start a project writing a kernel for my phone. If you are interested, contact me.
        3. Treasurer:

          1. Reimbursements
            1. Reimburse David for the hotel rooms for $233.
            2. Reimburse Steve Gold registration fees.
              1. The grant paid for $352, and we need to reimburse $44 for a total of $396.
            3. Reimburse James for the restock for $67.82.
            4. Motion of the floor: Approval of the above reimbursements: [PASS]
              • First - Victoria: apple sauce
              • Second - Ian: that's a lot of money
              • Discussion: None
        4. Secretary:

        5. AESB Representative:
          1. Victoria: You will get $250 back in your finacial aid.
          2. Victoria: Rooms are going to be open during finals week for studying.
          3. Victoria: If you are seeking donations, you have to go through Matt.
          4. Victoria: We have to give our keys back before the end of finals, unless we do new forms.
        6. Event Coordinator:
        7. Librarian:
        8. Publicity and Recruitment Chair:
        9. Market Manager:
        10. Historian:
        11. Office Technician:
      2. Projects Reports
        1. Programming Team
          1. The Southern California Regional ICPC competition was last Saturday, November 10th.
            1. David: The scores are now up on the live archive site, but the problems are not up yet.
          2. No more meetings this semester.
            1. David: We should still keep training.
        2. Daily 49er App
          1. David: Campus has not been responding. We won't be getting access to their server anytime soon.
          2. Ian: If you want to work on this, install Idea IDE. It is difficult to install, so contact me if you need some help.
          3. Ian: If you have an interest or something that you specifically want to work on, send me an email about it.
          4. David: I would start making the shell and the UI, and start making some of the backend.
            1. Ian: We will be making a dummy library to start pulling from the server.
            2. Ian: There is still a lot of work to do even before we touch the server.
        3. Web Portfolio Set
          1. David: Things are getting done. Some of the front end is getting worked on, and I am working on the backend.
          2. David: I have been writing a lot of tests. Check out the other branches. When you check the repo for the project, don't just look at the master branch, but look at the other branches as well.
            1. David: Always remember to commit.
          3. David: Mockups have been placed in the github repository.
          4. David: I have sent out guideline for how the mockups will work and how github works.
          5. David: There will be a meeting for this during the codejam.
          6. David: This project lives on You can follow this repository.
          7. David: Send your schedules to Ian and I will be coming up with a meeting time.
          8. David: This app is beginner friendly.
      3. Committee Reports
    7. Old Business
      1. If you are looking for MSDNAA accounts, talk to Nathan Pickrell. He can set you up with an MSDNAA account. You can also talk with EAT and they can set you up with an account.
        1. David: You can also email me.
    8. New Business
      1. Shirts
        1. Victoria: Nothing new
      2. Changes to the curriculum
        1. Portfolio checks
        2. Source Control
          1. David: This will be implemented soon.
      3. What to do with the books
        1. David: We sold off a good portion of the books, but there are still some left. We are planning on donating them to the dollar bookstore.
        2. David: We can do this Monday of next week.
          1. Sal: We can go to the one at the pike or at lakewood mall.
          2. Victoria and Sal have volunteered.
        3. Sal: If you want any books, say so now, before we donate.
    9. Closing Comments
      1. Ian: Github gameoff. Check it out.
      2. Sal: We are never going to get the videos done for the robot battles.
      3. Sal: Thor bot of thunder might go down.
      4. Sal: Leo should help advertise ACM-Web fundraise.
      5. Diana: We are thinking of giving greeting cards to some of the faculty.
      6. David: Goldstein is willing to help students with programming team problems, but is not willing to do formal tutoring on it.
      7. Sal: The constitution and bylaws have not been submitted yet.
  2. Adjournment 1:48 pm