Meeting Documents

Minutes for 2013-10-07

  1. Call to Order 4:04

    1. Roll Call
      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - Johnny Patterson: Present
        2. Vice President - David Gaskins: Present
        3. Treasurer - Christopher Gomez: Present
        4. Secretary - David Martel: Present
        5. AESB Representative - Jimmy Som: Present
        6. Event Coordinator - Diana Ignacio:Present
      2. Appointed Officers
      3. Project Managers
    2. Approval of the Agenda

      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Agenda: [PASS]
        • First - Diana: Pass
        • Second - David Gaskins: Pass
        • Discussion: None
    3. Approval of the Minutes

      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Minutes: [PASS]
        • First - Diana: Pass
        • Second - Jimmy: Pass
        • Discussion: None
    4. Announcements

      1. Johnny: Student forum tomorrow. Please go if you can. There will be important stuff.
    5. Guest Introductions
    6. Reports
      1. Officer Reports
        1. President:
          1. Johnny: We need to do a better job with communication. Does anyone have a problem with facebook?
          2. David Martel: I can make an effort to check Facebook, but if you need to contact me quickly, use phone or email.
        2. Vice President:
        3. Treasurer:
          1. Chris: IRS stuff is almost done. I will order hotels tonight or programming team.
        4. Secretary:
          1. David: ASI has workshops that we need to send officers to.
        5. AESB Representative:
          1. Jimmy: There was no meeting last week.
        6. Event Coordinator:
          1. Diana: Hangouts Fridays at 4. We will collaborate with EAT for a movie night on Friday October 25. We will join our hangout night with them.
      2. Projects Reports
      3. Committee Reports
        1. Linux Committee:
          1. David Gaskins: I have talked to the chair, and we will be getting Linux on desktops. Dean says we will not be getting Linux back period. Dr. Monge is the main professor pushing for Linux. I have a lawyer looking over the petition. I have nominated David Martel to go to the next meeting.
    7. Old Business
      1. IRS loss of tax exempt notice
        1. Chris: It is being handled.
      2. Outreach
        1. Johnny: Fliers will be made today after the meeting. David Nuon proposed we should do a more personal approach.
        2. Cameron: We should have more for them to do before we focus too much on recruitment
        3. David Gaskins: We should have a workshop on how to make a simple graphical game, such as tic-tac-toe.
        4. Johnny: Is anyone interested in going to 105 classes to present? David Gaskins, Diana, David Martel
      3. Sign
        1. David Martel: I need to find out what weekend I am available. I have all of the equipment we need. We need a design and paint
      4. Plants
        1. Johnny: We will water them. We got plastic plates from Wesley.
      5. Move Officer Meetings
        1. David Gaskins: They gave me an end date, but no schedule.
      6. ACM Hangout Nights
        1. : Was pretty cool. There was three Davids and a Johnny. Kevin might stop by next time. Come hang out with us this Friday. What is a cool board game we can advertise? Risk, Bang, Monopoly, LAN party, Minecraft Please bring a friend and/or a date
    8. New Business

      1. Restock
        1. Chris: I will try for tomorrow.
      2. Office Hours
        1. Johnny: There have been complaints about officers not being here at all times. We need to lock other stuff down. Only officers can make sales. We can give out keys to the cash box and only leave a limited amout in it
      3. New Project-David Martel

        1. Motion of the floor: Open project as a draft: [PASS]
          • First - David Martel: Pass
          • Second - David Gaskins: Good Luck :)
          • Discussion: None
      4. Workshops

        1. Johnny: They were pushed back due to lack of ASI certifications. David Gaskins and Diana will get a room reserved.
        2. Diana: Talk to Mat
      5. Update Bulletin Board
        1. Johnny: What will we put on it? -Officers -Contact info -Show off competition and results
      6. Photo Next meeting we will take a photo.
  2. Adjournment 4:50