Meeting Documents

Minutes for 2014-04-14

  1. Call to Order

    1. Roll Call April 14, 2014, 9:31 PM
      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - Johnny Patterson: Present
        2. Vice President - David Gaskins: Present
        3. Treasurer - Christopher Gomez: Present
        4. Secretary - David Martel: Present
        5. Event Coordinator - Diana Ignacio: Present 9:47
      2. Appointed Officers
      3. Project Managers
      4. Active Members
        1. Shane Satterfield: Present
        2. Aleks Kivuls: Present
        3. Rich Cherngchaosil: Not Present
    2. Approval of the Agenda
      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Agenda: [PASS]
        • First - David Gaskins: Pass
        • Second - Shane Satterfield: Pass
        • Discussion:
    3. Approval of the Minutes
      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Minutes with amendments: [PASS]
        • First - Chris: pass
        • Second - Aleks: pass
        • Discussion:
    4. Announcements
      1. David Gaskins: Programming Team Competition this weekend, April 19th, ECS 416, 12pm.
    5. Reports
      1. Officer Reports
        1. President: Next week we have to do constitution and bylaws at the officer meeting.
        2. Vice President:
        3. Treasurer:
        4. Secretary: There is a lunar eclipse tonight, 11pm.
        5. AESB Representative:
        6. Event Coordinator:
      2. Projects Reports
        1. Sailing Game: Nothing
    6. Old Business

      1. Workshops
        1. Johnny: C++ workshop was pretty ok. The people who went benefited in knowledge.
      2. Sign
        1. Martel: I can finish it this Sunday.
      3. Hangout Nights
        1. Johnny: Last hangout night was pretty cool. Someone had mentioned that we should try to collaborate with another club before the end of the semester.
        2. Chris: What club?
        3. Johnny: Most likely EAT.
      4. Officer Meetings
      5. Open Officer Positions (Webmaster, Historian, Office Tech, AESB Rep, Publicity Chair)
      6. Codejams
        1. Johnny: Who will be there? I will be there.
        2. Aleks: I might be there.
        3. Chris: I won’t be there.
        4. Diana: What time is it?
        5. Johnny: It is at 3pm Wednesday in the room.
        6. Gaskins: I have the same class as David.
      7. Programming Team Support
        1. Johnny: Gold wants to do $20, $10, $5 per person for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
        2. Chris: When do we have to know? I don’t have the numbers.
        3. Johnny: We need to vote on it tonight.
        4. Chris: If it is no more than a quarter of what we have, I am fine.
        5. Johnny: If you are okay with it, we will do it and reimburse next meeting.
        6. Gaskins: We should make a motion for sake of precedence.
        7. Motion of the floor: Pay for awards of $20, $10, $5 per person for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd if it is less than a quarter of what we have: [PASS]
          • First - Gaskins: Pass
          • Second - Shane: Pass
          • Discussion:
        8. Johnny: In the past we have provided snacks for free. I will probably just pay for it for now.
      8. Spring Allocations
        1. Chris: I have emailed Matt and I am waiting for him to respond.
        2. Johnny: It is getting very close.
      9. Ludum Dare
        1. Johnny: We have a potential team of four or five people in the name of ACM. You should start it at hangout night and go home instead of meeting at someones house for the whole weekend.
        2. Martel: My house will be open to anyone who wants to come. We can use Johnny’s mumble server to communicate. We will be using Love2d and Git, so install and try out those beforehand.
      10. Elections
        1. Johnny: We need to revoke the previous motion to end nominations at the end of this week and move it to next week to comply with our bylaws.
        2. Motion of the floor: Close nominations on 04/25/2014 instead of 04/18/2014: [PASS]
          • First - Chris: Pass
          • Second - Aleks: Pass
          • Discussion:
    7. New Business

      1. Next Administration
        1. Johnny: I have posted the notes taken at the general body meeting for improving ACM next semester.
      2. President Succession (Johnny Patterson)
        1. Johnny: I have to succeed as president since my Fall GPA was too low. If I appeal, it will interfere with the spring allocation process. I am officially succeeding and I will no longer be president after today. Gaskins will be temporary president until elected.
        2. Motion of the floor: Elect David Gaskins as President: [PASS]
          • First - Diana: Pass
          • Second - Chris: Pass
          • Discussion: 5 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain
        3. Everyone: applause, fireworks
        4. Motion of the floor: Make Johnny an active member: [PASS]
          • First - Chris: Pass
          • Second - Diana: Pass
          • Discussion:
  2. Adjournment 10:09