Minutes for 2015-04-01

  1. Call to Order 2:08pm
    1. Roll Call
      1. Administrative Cabinet
        1. President - David Martel: Present
        2. Vice President - Shane Satterfield: Present
        3. Treasurer - Tyler Goodman: Present
        4. Secretary - Edgar Cobos: Present
      2. Appointed Officers
        1. Historian - Pongthorn Cherngchaosil: Not Present
        2. Librarian - Michael Botsko: Present
        3. Office Tech - Daryl Blancaflor: Not Present
        4. Publicity Chair - Greg Violan: Not Present
        5. Webmaster - Kumin In: Not Present
      3. Project Managers
    2. Approval of the Agenda
      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Agenda: [PASS]
        • First - Shane: pass
        • Second - Michael: pass
        • Discussion: None
    3. Approval of the Minutes for 2015-03-11
      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Minutes: [PASS]
        • First - Shane: pass
        • Second - Michael: pass
        • Discussion: None
    4. Approval of the Minutes for 2015-02-11
      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Minutes: [PASS]
        • First - Shane: 15th
        • Second - Michael: Friday first
        • Discussion: None
    5. Approval of the Minutes for 2015-01-22
      1. Motion of the floor: Approval of the Minutes: [PASS]
        • First - Michael: Speak
        • Second - Shane: Fail
        • Discussion: None
    6. Announcements
    7. Guest Introductions
    8. Reports
      1. Officer Reports
        1. President:
        2. Vice President:
        3. Treasurer:
        4. Secretary:
        5. AESB Representative:
        6. Event Coordinator:
      2. Projects Reports
      3. Committee Reports
    9. Old Business
      1. Update website 0.David: I will fix the date after this meeting. We should update the website since it hasn’t been touched much since Nuon’s administration.
      2. Git Workshop
        1. David: I talked Karol and Matt. They both said we had to go through the other person. I forgot to follow up on this, I need to talk to Karol again. I will email her today.
      3. Find new AESB Representative
        1. Michael: Kumin said he was available at the last meeting.
        2. David: We need to follow up and make sure he is still interested.
        3. Shane: I can still kind of make them.
      4. Start looking for next year's ACM administration
        1. David: We need to find people. Do we know of anyone else interested?
        2. Michael: I don’t know of anyone else.
        3. Edgar: Leaf stands out.
    10. New Business
      1. Programming Team
      2. Spring Allocations
        1. ACM was allocated roughly $113 for programming team. It costs $128 for send one team to ICPC.
        2. David: They sucked
        3. Michael: Can we get funding from the department?
        4. David: Probably, but we need to talk to them. So we have enough money for the fall competition but we don’t have any money for prizes for this semester. We also need to advertise more. The competition is on April 11. I think Gold found two professors.
      3. Elections
        1. David: We need to figure out when our constitution says we need to do them.
        2. David: The way the bylaws are written is impractical for biweekly meetings. I propose we open elections on April 8 and have elections on April 22.
        3. David: We have been lax on accepting members, implying that showing up makes you a member. We should allow anyone to vote that has shown up to a meeting.
          1. Motion of the floor: Suspend the Bylaws. Open nominations on April 8-22 and host elections on April 22, 2015. Anyone who has attended at least half of the meetings this semester is considered a member and can vote in the elections. : [PASS]
            • First - Michael: Speak
            • Second - Shane: Pass
            • Discussion: None
      4. Planning for next year
        1. Michael: I would like to see a more active body and more consistent with things like hangouts and projects. It would be really nice if we updated the website. We need to fill the officer positions and make sure they stay filled. What should we do in terms of recruitment? Now or next semester?
        2. David: We should work on getting the current members active.
        3. Shane: Michael, you should focus on finding the board and we should work on finishing projects.
  2. Adjournment 3:30pm