Project Information

Status: Finished Project Project Charter


Crimes Against Humanity is an ImagineCup Windows Game Design 2012 contribution. Crimes Against Humanity takes elements from Grand Theft Auto and Dick Tracy to provide the player with a top-down experience of a hero saving a fully fledged city. ImagineCup judges commented on the homage to classic Grand Theft Auto games.

The Team

  • Donald Herman
  • Maria Morales
  • Michael Naumo

About Crimes Against Humanity

You have grown tried of the hungry, staving, those without medical care; being ignored by your friends, family and those in charge of society. You have taken it upon yourself to use the technology you have available to stop the “Crimes Against Humanity”. Specific problems the players address are Hunger, Lack of Education, sickness, lack of maternal health and HIV/AIDS. Players must purchase resources and redistribute them throughout the city before the people perish.