Project Information

Status: Ongoing Project Project Charter


Socie-D expands on the popularity of tower defenses in mobile games and has gone further by using this medium to teach players about how technology and planning can come together to improve our cities.

Socie-D will not only challenge players with fast-paced and addictive gameplay, but also show them how technology can help solve society's toughest problems.

The Team

  • Joshua Liong
  • Tony Pham
  • Ben Chang
  • George Lopez

About Socie-D

Socie-D is a tower defense that contains elements of real-time strategy and city simulation. Socie-D pits the player as the mayor of the city, who is tasked with defending his/her society from issues raised in the UN's Millennium Goals. As the mayor of a new city, the player will have to deal with the problem of homelessness. New citizens will be pouring into the city, and will be looking for a new home. It is up to the player to build these homes and give them shelter. The player will also be tasked with defending against other well-known problems in a bustling city, such as sickness and crime. Socie-D addresses even more of the Millennium Goals, such as environmental sustainability and universal education by adding buildings and research, such as cleaner power supplies and recycling upgrades, to promote these goals.