Project Information

Status: Ongoing Project Project Charter


THOR is a mobile Tesla bot, it is a radio controlled vehicle that has the capability of harnessing thousands of volts of electricity as well as RF jamming. The machine will also contain a researched Mobile Tesla Technology also known as M.T.T

The Team

  • Frank Lima
  • Nathan Pickrell
  • James Coolidge

About THOR, Bot of Thunder

Thor was originally conceived by Frank Lima in an attempt to create a mobile robot that could produce large amounts of voltage in a mobile state. The robot, also named 'THOR' was to be part of a robotics 'battling' competition for California State University Long Beach's eWeek events. Thor consisted of a Tesla Coil as its main weapon of defense. The idea of the Tesla Coil was to stop the other robots by surging their circuits with an immense amount of voltage, or to simply jam the surrounding area from the electromagnetic interference that the Tesla Coil produced. Even though the project did not make it to this year's robotics competition, we have continued work on Thor to prepare it for next year's competition. We have assessed all the materials needed to construct its weapon as well as its frame to house its components. The project has brought up many challenges during its construction, such as how to continue controlling the robot even during its electrical discharge and how to house all of its components in such a way that will not cause any harm 'throw back' to the sensitive equipment inside of THOR. The entire idea of THOR's mobile Tesla Technology revolves around the use of the conversion between Direct Current to Alternating Current and the use of large amounts of capacitance. Frank Lima has worked on robotics for many years as a hobby and with the great help from Nathan Pickrell and James Coolidge, THOR is becoming more and more of a reality for both science and fun!

Although THOR is considered very dangerous to operate and test, we have taken many extra precautions and considerations to ensure that everyone working on this project remains safe during testing. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME.

The project is still in on hold, but here is Frank Lima, project manager.

Frank Lima